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Joanna’s empowerment techniques led to personal and professional breakthroughs that continue to change my life every day.  Within a year of working with Joanna, I was producing my first feature film – a lifelong dream and an enormous challenge – where I used many of the strategies that Joanna taught me.  I consider myself a motivated, disciplined and self-aware individual, but I was blown away by how much my own limiting beliefs were preventing me from succeeding as a writer and as a filmmaker.  Joanna is proof that tiny attitude adjustments can inspire tremendous results.  Working with Joanna was the best investment I’ve ever made – in myself and in my business.
-- Amanda M. Darling Sudbury, ON
Film Producer, Screenwriter & Blogger




After 24 years smoking, one session and I am now 18 months smoke free. Thanks Joanna.

Patrick Guttormson, Keswick ON

Joanna Cox has helped me quit smoking with hypnosis and brainwave entrainment. I have been smoke-free for over 4 months now!  Thank you.

R. Gunn Chelmsford, ON

“ I`ve been suffering from chronic pain for several years and was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  Following my motor vehicle accident, my life was in turmoil.  Stresses from all directions greatly affected my pain levels (physically and emotionally).  Joanna was literally my miracle worker and an angel in my book.  She not only helped me release the anger, guilt, fears, hurt and other negative emotions I was holding on to and which I now know were a primary cause of my pain, she introduced me to a life of gratitude.  Being thankful for your life and setting future goals, realizing dreams and physically and emotionally letting go of my past are what relieved me from the majority of my daily constant pain.  Thank you Joanna.  I will never forget what you have done for me. I feel normal again!
Thank you again!


Carmen Beange, Sudbury ON

We came to see Joanna for marriage counselling because we were not seeing eye to eye. Now we have put new strategies into place and feel like we really understand each other.  Time Line Therapy was our saving grace from the past emotions that were hurting us both.  We recommend her 10 session marriage breakthrough to all of our friends whether they're experiencing relationship difficulties or not. Thank you Joanna we are so grateful for the time you spent with us and the "tools" you gave us to take forward in our marriage with many happy years to come.

Marc & Tanya Belanger Sudbury, ON

I have been struggling with weight issues for over six years and tried many attempts at losing weight.  Joanna's hypnotherapy and brainwave entrainment sessions have helped me get my diet and fitness levels on track.  To date I have lost 45 pounds and still dropping.  Thank you so much for your help Jo! I really needed a kick-start and that's exactly what you gave me.

Amy Leggett Keswick,  ON

I was sent to see Joanna for her one on one anger management program.  Not only did I disconnect the triggers that were causing my rage and anger, I also set new goals for my future and literally broke free from all of the negative emotions that were in my body.  I feel so much lighter emotionally,  have reconciled with my wifee and now working towards some amazing goals!  Joanna is a professional who knows how to get to the root of the problems and pull them out in a friendly, light fun way. I was skeptical when she first told me that I could get rid of negative emotions attached to memories from the past without having to get into details but I was desperate for help at the time.  I had no idea how quickly this could be done and so happy that I went through her program.  I had a lot of fun with scrambling strategies and spinning anxiety as well as checking out a hypnosis session which was a wicked experience!  Thanks Joanna, I'm back on track and focused on what I want in life now.

Frank D. Lively, ON

Hi Joanna

I just wanted write to you to thank you for our sessions.  When I decided to do this therapy I knew it could help me but I wasn't expecting it to change my life so quickly.  The inner tension is gone and I feel happy and free. When I think of the past, the old negative feelings attached to those past memories are gone and replaced with new positive memories and that opens a window of possibilities for me. Never did I think about behaviour the way I do now. Thank you for teaching me so much, it was a powerful journey!

Mark Macdonald, Newmarket ON  

I saw Joanna for her empowerment breakthrough this past winter and felt that I must write a recommendation. I feel like I'm on top of the world and have made so many positive changes in my life, my career and now I'm in a loving relationship which I never thought would be possible. I refer everyone I know to her and it was well worth the drive from Timmins every week. I was always excited to get to her office and was so emotionally charged when I left. Joanna is easy to talk to and knows how to help people get in control of the inner voice within. Her business background made it easy for me to relate and discuss my issues as a busy CEO. If you're struggling with anything going on in your mind, Joanna is the lady to help you.

Marc Leblanc, Timmins ON




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