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Smoke Free Sudbury Organizations

Cigarette smoking is costing your organization approximately $4,000.00 / Year PER EMPLOYEE

So what's the Solution? Pay for your employees to quit and If they start up again - they reimburse YOU.

The Conference Board of Canada estimates the cost each year for every employee who smokes as up to $3,896 through increased absenteeism, decreased productivity and the costs associated with maintaining and cleaning outside smoking areas. That's over $300/month.


Business Owners who Care

Get involved and support your employees' efforts to quit smoking by becoming a Smoke-Free Sudbury Organization.

This is a Smoking Cessation program by Joanna L Cox that can be used either as part of a comprehensive wellness program or as an initiative on its own.


How the Program Works:

Pay your employees to butt-out. Smoke-Free Sudbury is an initiative some Ontario firms are instituting to encourage workers not to smoke, as it is cheaper for company health plans, and better for employee long-term health. For example, companies pay the $275 + HST fee for the Smoking Cessation Hypnosis & Brainwave Entrainment Session which includes a consultation, and monitors the ex-smoker's compliance during company hours. The employee reimburses the company if they start to smoke again.

The Method:  Clinical Hypnotherapy and Brainwave Entrainment.

Employees choose one bonus program to add to their smoking-cessation session.


Bonus programs:


Self Confidence

Stress Reduction

Public Speaking


Sports Visualization

Guided Relaxation


For larger organizations, Joanna can come to you. Worried about downtime? Evening & weekend appointments also available.


Clinical Hypnotherapy & Brainwave Entrainment

Recent Brain Imaging Technologies show that as we receive input through our senses with frequency, intensity & duration, the brain physically changes its structure. New connections and neurons sprout. Once structure changes, function can change. How? Intention can create change.

Thanks to recent advances, we are able to use audio and visual stimulation to induce an extensive variety of mental states. Many of these leave the mind more receptive to programming. Your unconscious mind is constantly working, constantly responding to situations, and constantly acting on your fears and desires (although not always in the way you would like). Reprogram your mind to work for you.


Hypnosis & Brainwave Entrainment Uses light and sound frequency to alter your brainwaves. The audio is set to a specific brainwave frequency while your hypnotherapist guides you through a series of deeply focused states. This level of trance is where you can make changes at the unconscious level of the mind for Smoking cessation, stress, anxiety, self confidence, guided relaxation, and many other positive changes.


Skeptical about hypnotherapy?   If you've driven a car from point A to Point B and forgot a portion of the drive because you were off somewhere else in your head - You were in self-hypnosis.



For more information on Hypnosis & Brainwave Entrainment, please CLICK HERE 


By the numbers


10:  The number of minutes of life lost per cigarette.

40:  The number of cancer-causing chemicals in smoke.

50 billion:   The number of cigarettes sold in Canada yearly.

$15  billion:  The amount the Canadian economy loses yearly because of smoking.

5 million:  The number of smokers in the Canadian work force.

50 million:  The number of smokers in the United States.

30 per cent:  The breathing capacity lost by a pack-a-day smoker by age 50.

25 per cent:  The proportion of family income spent on cigarettes in China.

100,000:  The number of Canadian teenagers who take up smoking yearly.

19,000:  The number of Canadians who are diagnosed with lung cancer yearly.

$80,000:  The amount a worker in California won in a lawsuit for a heart attack caused by second-hand smoke.

300 per cent:  The increased chance of a heart attack for smokers over non-smokers.


Sources: Health Canada, Canadian Council on Tobacco Control,  Canadian Lung Association, Centre for Disease Control, Atlanta,  Physicians for a Smoke-free Canada, The Medical Post, U.S. Surgeon  General and the World Health Organization.


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