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Marriage Counselling Sudbury



Pre-Marital,  Marriage Counselling & Couples Empowerment Breakthroughs. 10-12 Sessions (2 sessions together, 4 sessions separately/each person)

Session Fees: $185+HST

Pre-Marital & Marriage Counselling consists of 10-12 1-on-1 private sessions over the course of 6-8 weeks in Sudbury ON, or you may prefer an intensive Couples Retreat (One couple per weekend) and choose from a number of resorts across Canada and the United States. Click HERE for more information on Couples Retreats.


Relationships end for two reasons:
Negative Anchors & Unfulfilled Strategies
Don't be at the mercy of a relationship dispute

The Couples Empowerment Breakthrough

This breakthrough is for the following couples:

Polyamorous Couples
Couples running a business together
The "Family" business/Relationship
Dating couples
Moving forward together after an affair
Pre-Marital & Married Couples
Couples who want to to be empowered
Couples wanting to part ways without emotions getting in the way


The key to a successful relationship is knowing yourselves and being able to adapt your behavioral strategies to meet constantly changing demands in all areas of your lives. Couples often get into a dispute over values, boundaries and triggers. During this breakthrough, you will learn how to communicate with each other, reconnect and learn each other's personality types. You can get the honeymoon phase back again easily when you learn each other's convincers and deep love strategies. You will wipe the emotional slate clean and learn how to be "at cause" for your emotional state and also take the "tools" with you for the rest of your lives.

  • Discover & align your values in your relationship 
  • Learn how to communicate on a whole new level
  • Learn how  to set boundaries with each other and family members
  • Reignite the passion in the bedroom
  • Change the meaning of past negative memories
  • Change your beliefs, behaviors, and internal past programming
  • Discover your unconscious mind and the power that lies within it
  • Learn how to set goals effectively both separately and together
We have strategies for everything we do. How we get out of bed in the morning, how we get dressed, get in the car, how we initiate intercourse with each other, etc. We also have attraction and deep love strategies. When another person sets off your attraction or deep love strategy you’re hooked. In new relationships, we unconsciously fire off those strategies in our new partners and once comfortable, most people revert back to their own values and strategies, forgetting about their partner’s, then the resentment sets in. Find out how to rekindle the spark so you and your partner know what each other need in order to be successful and happy.
 Learn what’s important to you about your relationship

This Breakthrough takes approximately 10 hours. Forget about past programming where you entertained the idea that relationship breakthroughs were long and painful.
You can fall in love with each other again; no matter how disconnected the two of you are right now. When each partner has a clear idea of the other's personality type, method of processing information, values, strategies goals, etc. supplying them with what they want can be an absolute pleasure.
And while we all have heard that opposites attract, and experts say they do; when it comes to the really big issues in our lives, shared values are still the glue that keeps couples together.

This breakthrough is tailored to assist clients in letting go of past memories with negative emotions attached to them without having to re-live the experience. Working with Negative Emotions ( Rage, Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt, Guilt) you now get to resolve past issues without sharing the details with your therapist or each other while simultaneously creating the relationship of your dreams. Break free from the limiting beliefs that hold you back from the relationship you desire and learn how to set your goals so you can achieve them. This program is intended get to the root of the problems and assist you in understanding & changing communication and behavior. 

Why relive the past when you can create the future that you want together?

Each couple attends 4 one-on-one sessions separately and 2 sessions together in this program. Wipe the "emotional slate" and enjoy the rest of your lives together.

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