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Anger Management Sudbury ON

Eliminate your Anger & Rage in a little as 6-8  private one on one sessions.

Session Fees: $185+HST



This Anger Management Program is designed for those who have exhausted all other avenues for anger issues.


For most people, chronic anger masks pain, and as the anger outbursts relieve immediate "anger in the moment", they inevitably make the underlying anger much worse.  Rage & Anger  are learned responses & triggers and can be resolved at a deeper level so you no longer have to try to manage anger in the moment. 


You can acquire the skills you need to free yourself from anger & rage, heal your past and become empowered.


Identify, eliminate & control anger and rage.


You have made it to this webpage because you need to change. Changes are, you've been struggling with anger for a period of time and don't like how it affects you, your loved ones and/or your colleagues.  You CAN be free of your emotional triggers quickly and easily.


Let's get rid of the Anger & Rage so you no longer have to manage it. Managing anger takes up a lot of our internal resources that we could be spending on something that works for us instead of against us. 

You will experience these sessions as empowering, fun, and you will discover your authentic self, your self free from the past.

So what are you waiting for? Book your initial consultation onine here: http://www.joannacox.ca/Bookanappointmentonline.en.html




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